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Tinned olives (10)

Our LIBERITAS range of tinned olives is wide, as we offer olives of the manzanilla, cacereña and hojiblanca varieties.

These olives are especially selected for their taste, texture and size, thus making our quality much higher  than other brands’  which use smaller calibres and lower quality raw material.

The black gourmet olives are also worth mentioning, as they are Cacereñas of higher calibre and a wide range of fillings, boasting balanced, natural tastes.

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Olives in glass jars (4)

In the bottled range, we provide our Liberitas olives in small 85g containers, up to sizes especially adequate for catering, as well as the more popular 200g formats. Choosing glass jars as containers for our olives was a logical step, because although it may be a more expensive option its transparency leaves no doubts whatsoever.

The olive varieties on offer include green Seville style olives and black ones, both whole or stoneless, sliced or stuffed.

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Food Service (6)

The wide range of LIBERITAS olives for FOOD SERVICE allows us to introduce this ingredient, so fundamental in our diet, to international catering, therefore allowing typically Mediterranean dishes to be tasted in any corner of the world.

Our offer for catering is fundamentally based on 3 sizes: A10 (3 Kilos), A15 (5 Kilos) and A20 (8 Kilos).

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