Table olives in bulk

As well as the wide variety of olives used to produce oil, a long list of olives denominated “table olives” exist and are eaten in Spain they are called: manzanilla, gordal, hojiblanca, carrasqueña, cacereña, verdial, aloreña, cuquillo, ... although the first three have more commercial development.

Bulk containers for these olives are the following:

Drums of table olives in bulk
  • 308 Kg drums (drained weight)
  • 700 Kg tanks (drained weight)
  • 150 to 160 Kg drums (drained weight) doubtlessly the most commonly used for ease of handling and price
  • 44 Kg drums (drained weight)
  • Smaller containers

As for varieties and methods of preparation there is a wide range to choose from: whole manzanillas, hojiblancas or Sevillan-style gordales, stoneless or stuffed with pepper paté, sliced, natural black olives…. and many other varieties and /or preparations in smaller quantities.