Olive oil in bulk

Olive oil is obtained from a wide range of olive varieties such as: picual, hojiblanca, arbequina, picudo, manzanilla, lechin, cornicabra, empeltre, blanqueta…. Among these varieties, picual is no doubt the most grown one, covering 50% of Spanish production and almost 25% of global production.

At Iberandalus we use virtually every variety grown in Spain, offering every type of recipient for industries or bulk supply:

  • 21.000 Kg flexitanks
  • 1.000 Litre tanks
  • 220 Litre barrels
  • Metal barrels and smaller capacity plastic bottles

As for qualities, a wide variety of possibilities is also available, ranging from key varieties and qualities which we have selected and placed under our brand, to any specific quality which may be requested by our customers, whose offer is always based on our sample shipping.