Extra virgin Olive Oil 1L

Oil which comes directly from the fruit of an olive tree and has been obtained solely through mechanical processes. In order to be considered “extra” its acidity must be below 0.8° and include excellent organoleptic qualities. One could call it “the finest olive juice”. The production of our LIBERTAS extra virgin olive oil is achieved by using different varieties, which are mainly picual, hojiblanca and arbequina, uniquely of the best quality.

Additional Info

  • Type of oil: Virgen Extra
  • Quantity: 1 Litro
  • Container: Glass Bottle
  • EAN Code: 8437006911030
  • Other formats: 750ml. / 500ml. / 250 ml. / 220L Barrel. / 1.000L Tank. / 21.000Kg Flexitank. / 25.000Kg tank truck.

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